Grassfed meat comes from animals that have only grazed on grass. They feed on a range of different types of grasses, depending on climate and region. In Australia, cattle and sheep are predominantly grassfed and account for, on average, approximately two-thirds of overall beef and sheepmeat production.

Striploin - HALAL

Tenderloin - HALAL

Chilled Rib Eye - HALAL

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Cattle are generally grain fed because the quality of grass at certain times of the year or during poor seasons (such as droughts) is such that it doesn’t contain enough nutrients for the cattle to grow to required weights. In addition, grain feeding cattle increases the red meat industry’s ability to produce a consistent product – yield, quality and supply.    

In Australia, at any one point in time, approximately 3% of cattle are being grain fed. To be classified as grain fed cattle need to be fed more than 60 days.

Grain fed beef tends to have brighter white fat, more marbling in meat than grass fed beef resulting in a more buttery flavour.  This marbling is a result of the type of feed cattle receive during their time in the feedlot as well as the breed of cattle being fed.

Grain Fed Tenderloin - HALAL

Grain Fed Striploin - HALAL

Grain Fed Rib Eye - HALAL

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OP Ribs / Prime Rib

Beef Short Ribs


T Bone Steak

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Frozen Minced Beef 500g

Marble Beef Rib Eye (Halal)

Beef Shabu Shabu Slices Pack

Marble Beef Shabu Shabu Slice

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Rump Roast(Chilled)

Rump Cap(Chilled)

Beef Topside(Chilled)

Tri Tip(Chilled)

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Lamb Shoulder Chop

Minced Lamb

New Zealand Lamb Tenderloin

Leg of Lamb Bone in 1.8 to 2.2kg

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Wood Chips - Cherry


Napoleon LEX485 Gas Grill

Triumph® 410 with Side Burner

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French Onion Dip

Avocado Dip

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Chestnut Spread

Mini Blackcurrant

Mini Apricot

Mini Raspberry

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Lescure Salted Roll 250g

Lescure Unsalted Roll 250g

Lescure pastry Butter 1kg

Kerrygold Unsalted Butter 227g

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Butter Beans 400g

Borlotti Bean 400g

Butter Beans 400g

Lentils 400g

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Salmon Roe 100g

Avurga Caviar 120g

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Mascarpone (Italy) 500g

Asiago PDO

Swiss Cheese Gruyere (regular)

Gouda A La Truffles

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Chicken Chop 8 pieces pack

Chicken Wing XXL 2kg pack

Boneless Chicken Breast Skin On 2Kg pack

Chicken Leg Chop 2Kg pack (8pieces)

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Non Antibiotic Whole Chicken min 1.1kg

Non Antibiotic Chicken Breast Boneless and Skinless 500g

Non Antibiotic Chicken Whole Leg Bone in 500g

Non Antibiotic Chicken Wings 500g

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Valrhona Ivoire (35%) 3kg pack

Valrhona Guanaja Button (70%) 3kg pack

Valrhona Cocoa Powder 1Kg pack

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Balsamic White Truffle Pearls

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President Cooking Cream

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Gnocchi 500g

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Rosemary Shredded 500gm

Cayenne Pepper 1kg

Oregano Shredded 500gm

Shredded Parsley 500gm

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Smoked Duck Breast

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Rougie Duck Liver Slice 40/60 (Pack of 2 Slices

Foie Gras de Canard 500g +/- per pcs

Duck Liver Pieces 50g x 20pcs 1kg

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Crinkle Cut 1kg pack

Straight Cut 2.27kg

USA Curley Fries 750g x 12

Canada Spicy Wedges 2.27kg x 6pkt

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English Muffin

Bagel Sesame

Bridor Croissant with Cacao and Hazelnut

Mini Pain Chocolate 28g

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Gluten Free Macoroni 250g

Gluten Free Cous Cous 250g

Gluten Free Spaghetti No.5 250g

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Hilal Unflavoured Gelatine 100g

Clovis Cornichons


Chobani Greek Yogurt 907g (Australia)

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Indian Tederloin 1KG

Indian Buffalo Minced 1kg

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Fruit'IQF offers professionals a multitude of possibilities for including the fruit in their creations, whether sweet or savoury. The fruits are selected for their taste, their resistance and their visual aspect. Optimal results are obtained by the particular care taken when freezing them, their calibration (when necessary) selection and packaging.
The range offers many original fruits, now available all year round at optimum maturity and of consistent quality.

Morello Cherry 1kg

Wild Blueberry 1kg

Wild Blackberry 1kg

Redcurrrant 1kg

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Shisamo ഺ

Ebiko 500g

Teriyaki Sauce - Halal

Wasabi Strip

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Mexican Hot Sauce 145g

La Costena Chipotle Sauce 145g

La Costena Chipotles in Ardobo Sauce 199g

La Costena Tomatillo 794g

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Morehouse Pure Yellow Mustard

Whole Grained Mustard 1kg

Dijon Mustard 1kg

Colman Mustard 454G

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Minced Mutton 5kg pack

Mutton Whole Leg Bone In Australia

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Tempura Black Pepper Fish Fillet

Cod Fish Finger 300g

Tempura Fish Fillet

Tempura Calamari Ring

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Basil Pesto 1kg

Grill Mates Brown Sugar 500g

Grill Mates Vintage Smoke House 500g

Grill Mates Chilli Pepper 500g

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Premium Tempura Nugget 1KG

Popcorn Chicken 900g

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Riso Arborio 1kg

Paella Rice 1kg



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Murray River Salt Flakes 400g

Fleur De Sel with Roasted Spice

Red Hawaiian Sea Salt

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Farmhouse Sausage (Garlic and Herb)

Chicken Sausage (Plain)

Garlic Beef Sausage 80g

Chilli Beef Sausage 80g

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Fresh Salmon Whole - Cut

Fresh Salmon Fillet

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King Crab Leg 900g to 1.1kg

Dory Fillet - Loose

Salmon Fillet - Cut

Sardine Fillet

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Sosa Lecitine De Soja

Sosa Raspberry Crispy

Sosa Soy Lecitin

Sosa Maltosec

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Squid Ink 50g

Squid Ink 4g x 2pkt

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Missions Taco Shell 6inch- 25pieces

Mission Yellow Round Chips 500g x 1pkt

Missions Tortilla 8" 12pcs x 1pkt

Tortilla 6" 12pcs x 1pkt

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Gemigiani Truffle Oil 25cl

Tartufi White Truffle Oil 25cl

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Frozen Spinach Leaf 1kg

Mix Vegetables 3 way

McCain Onion Ring 2lbs per packet

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Venison Boneless Shoulder Australia

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Acqua Panna 500ml

Acqua Panna 1L

Acqua Panna 1L x 12btl (Carton)

Acqua Panna 500ml x 24btl (Carton)

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San Pellegrino 500ml x 24btl (Carton)

San Pellegrino 1L x 12btl (Carton)

San Pellegrino 1litre

San Pellegrino 500ml

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Penne Rigate 049 500g

Linguine 011 500g

Spaghetti 003 500g

Beef Marrow Bone 100g - Grass Fed

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