Welcome to Harvest Frozen Food Sdn. Bhd.

Harvest Frozen Food Sdn. Bhd. is a family-run wholesaler and retailer for frozen and chilled meat, fine foods and an assortment of condiments located in the heart of Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia.


Our organization started in 2007, where we were only a wholesaler distributing Indian buffalo meats to wet market.

As the market develops and advances, today we carry an extensive range of fine food products ranging from the finest meat from down under, the freshest Salmon from both Scotland and Norway, the most exquisite cheeses from Europe and many more.



Beef 5 products
Lamb 9 products
Black Swan Dip 3 products
Bonne Maman 17 products
Butter 4 products
Canned Beans 4 products
Caviar and Roe 2 products
Cheese 16 products
Chicken 4 products
Chicken - Organic 4 products
Chocolate 3 products
Cookal Accueil 1 products
Cream 2 products
De Cecco 1 products
Duck 1 products
Foie Gras 1 products
Fries 6 products
Gluten Free 1 products
Groceries 42 products
Indian Buffalo 2 products
IQF Frozen Fruit 7 products
Mexican 2 products
Mustard 6 products
Mutton 2 products
Oils 11 products
Pesto and Sauces 6 products
Processed Food 2 products
SALT - IMPORTED 1 products
Seafood - Fresh 2 products
Seafood Frozen 19 products
Squid Ink 1 products
TRUFFLE ITEMS 3 products
Vege Frozen 3 products
Venison 1 products
Others 2 products

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